Honey is a young lady of the night working the line in Tombstone, arizona at the

Sweet Tooth Saloon. When a surviving member of the Donner Party offers her a handsome reward to scare up meat for his gang of good ol' boys who are addicted to human flesh, she first. Can Honey claw her way out of the flesh trade, or has she bitten off more than she can chew? 

The Flesh Trade is a ragtime horror-comedy featuring women of ill repute who were tutored in the art of pole-dancing by a traveling gang of Hoochie Koochie girls. The show premiered at the Alchemist Theatre in Milwaukee on August 3rd, 2018, and was subsequently named a finalist in the 2018 Search For New Musicals by NMI, Inc., with a reading in March of 2019. 


"On one level, it’s just a ghoulish, sexy little horror comedy with cheery ragtime that’s been bent into the darkness...but it’s got a depth that sneaks up on you like the grave and pulls you under...Christopher and company have found something really deep and beautiful in that which is generally considered to be lightly trashy culture."

-Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage. Click here for the full review.


Back from the Donner Party with the Flesh Trade.

-Shepherd Express. Click here for the full review.


Book/Lyrics/Music by Michael Christopher.  During the heady days of high school drama, the author landed such notable roles as Party Guest #6 in The Sound of Music and Greaser #5 in Grease. After a significant hiatus from the theater to focus on rock music and legal studies, his interest in the stage was rekindled when he played guitar for a local production of Evil Dead: the Musical, sparking numerous subsequent original works. Credits include:

Spread the Nudes: Book/Music/Lyrics. Premiere at the Underground Collaborative in Milwaukee, subsequent run at Broom Street Theater in Madison. STN chronicles the dizzying rise and harrowing fall of Christian rock band Spread the News, and features "WWJD," "Pray Away the Gay," "Shiksa Bat Mitzvah," and "God Made Adam and Steve."

Lobotomy: the Musical: Book/Music/Lyrics. Premiere at the Alchemist Theatre. Lobotomy dramatizes the life of walter Freeman, who pioneered the transorbital lobotomy in the 1940s and 50s, narrated in part by a chorus of the mentally insane. Features "We're doin' OK," "Ode to Transorbital Penetration," and "DRUGS."


Dick Pix Montana: Script. Premiere at Broom Street Theatre, second run at the Alchemist.  A straight play which begs the question: what would a banished pair of star-crossed lovers do in the modern age? Probably sext. A modern-day Romeo is arrested for accidentally sending an illicit snapchat to everyone in Verona, Wisconsin. with affectionate nods to the bard and a critical eye at sexting laws.


Zombies on Broadway: Music. When aging Broadway star Dottie drops dead, the producers call on King Kong impresario Carl Denham to bring her back to life, along with their show. Safe to say, everyone gets more than they bargained for. Lyrics and script by Dale Gutzman; Zombies was staged in June of 2019 at Off the Wall Theater.  


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